Photo by Kasper Wejse

Photo by Kasper Wejse

Roskilde Festival 2015 is coming closer and with it once again a week-long celebration of music, summer and life. Among the 175 confirmed acts of this year’s line-up, you can find besides all international names also a great bunch of local acts from Denmark. They will not only perform during the main festival days, but to fire up the festival in style a big part will already play the warm-up days on the Roskilde Rising and Apollo Countdown stages.

To help you put together your personal festival schedule, Good because Danish will introduce a couple Danish names in our “ID”-series for Roskilde Festival 2015 – today with the profile of Daniel Scheffmann, guitarist in Danish shoegaze-guitar pop quartet TÅRN:

Name: TÅRN
Date, Time and Stage of Roskilde show: Sunday, 28. June – 14:00 – Rising
Genre: Shogazery dream pop with a twist of acid.
Number of band members: 4 – Asger, Hans Henrik, Erik, Daniel.
Homebase: Copenhagen. Originally from Odense.
Roskilde Festival is… a place to get fucked up and go to nice concerts. And get fucked up. Like any other danish musician, playing at Roskilde Festival is a dream coming true.
Favourite Roskilde Festival memory: A couple of years ago me and Erik from TÅRN hung out the whole week. I guess we became really good friends that week. I especially remember we saw The Strokes at the Orange stage and drank a lot of that shitty wine they sell at the festival. I puked all over Erik’s face. Nice concert though.
Name of (imaginary) Roskilde camp: “I-PLAYED-A-GIG-AT-THIS-FESTIVAL-FUCK-YOU!-CAMP”
Must-see show at Roskilde Festival 2015: Paul McCartney and Father John Misty
Roskilde-virgin or Roskilde-veteran? Veteran… although I’m not one of those weird guys fooling around in costumes. I have visited the festival 7 times.
Party camps or “silent and clean“ area? I don’t really care.
Beer or Vodka? Beer. Although the Danish singer Johnny Madsen once said: “Frisk luft og vodka – det er der ingen der tager skade af”.
Warm-up concerts or main festival days? You have to do both. Or else you can’t experience both TÅRN and Paul McCartney.
Gringo Nachos or Buggi Burger? I don’t know. I only eat tarteletter as soon as the festival area opens.
Shower or no shower? No shower. It makes no sense showering at Roskilde. It’s like showering before playing a football match.

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