Photo by Thorbjørn Kragh

Photo by Thorbjørn Kragh

Roskilde Festival 2015 is coming closer and with it once again a week-long celebration of music, summer and life. Among the 175 confirmed acts of this year’s line-up, you can find besides all international names also a great bunch of local acts from Denmark. They will not only perform during the main festival days, but to fire up the festival in style a big part will already play the warm-up days on the Roskilde Rising and Apollo Countdown stages.

To help you put together your personal festival schedule, Good because Danish will introduce a couple Danish names in our “ID”-series for Roskilde Festival 2015 – today with the profile of electro dance-pop group GEORGE BEST:

Date, Time and Stage of Roskilde show: Monday, 29. June – 18:00 – Apollo Countdown // Event on Facebook
Genre: Electro-pop // nu-disco
Number of band members: 4 – Daniel (moog & sequencer), Mads (synth & sampler), Christian Askjær (drums), Christian Bonne (vocals).
Homebase: Copenhagen.
Roskilde Festival is… an excellent place to express yourself.
Favourite Roskilde Festival memory: One of our favourite memories from the festival is from 2007. We were definitely Roskilde-rookies and were not at all prepared for what to come. The campsite was a total mess that year because of the heavy rain. People were sailing around in the puddles in inflatable boats. That was in many ways (for better and worse) a very memorable festival year. When the gates finally opened, we were running to Arena to get into the pit to see Arcade Fire. It was our first Roskilde-concert experience and it was the perfect scene to see Arcade Fire with the rain pouring down outside the stage tent.
Name of (imaginary) Roskilde camp: Even though this is our 9. year on the festival, we have never really had a camp with a name and we guess it won’t be any different this year.
Must-see show at Roskilde Festival 2015: Too many great acts to point one out. We are definitely going to see Hot Chip, The Mountains and Jungle. We saw Jungle in Store Vega some months ago. They really gave an incredible show! I guess you will also find us at The War On Drugs and Communions shows who recently put out a great EP. And of course we are looking forward to see our dear and very talented friend Wangel, who is playing at Rising… And we also have to dance to Dixon!
Roskilde-virgin or Roskilde-veteran? Our Roskilde debut was back in 2007. We all ended up sleeping in one tent that year because the heavy rain flooded the whole camp except for that one tent. This will be our 9. year at Roskilde Festival, which we guess will make us Veterans. First year as performing artists.
Party camps or “silent and clean“ area? Well, our preferences have certainly changed over the years from East to West. But we have not yet reached the point where everything on the festival needs to be perfectly clean and silent. The noise and chaos is a big part of the festival atmosphere, and without it it’s just not the same.
Beer or Vodka? You can’t spell Roskilde Festival without lukewarm Tuborg beer from cans (or with it). Although it is indeed nice, when the festival site opens and you can get some most welcome variation in the form of some lukewarm white wine from a carton.
Warm-up concerts or main festival days? Well, both things have its upsides. We mean, the main festival days is properly why you bought your ticket but a big part of the festival for us is to go check music that we haven’t heard before. Warm-up concerts are ideal for that. Go hang out by Apollo or Rising for a day and explore some of the acts you haven’t heard before! That is where you find the next big thing. Remember Disclosure at Apollo in 2013? You can be lucky and find some unexpected wild parties in the warm-up days!
Gringo Nachos or Buggi Burger? Both iconic food-items, and you cannot go an entire festival without having both. However we must give the edge to Gringos Nachos because, when you are having a late night snack, and your buddy tries to grab a piece, you can yell “Hey, that’s Nacho-chip!”
Shower or no shower? Shower! Does anybody say no shower?

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