SPOT Festival 2015 - 2

While we are recovering after another great SPOT Festival, we’re putting together a little report from what we have experienced in Aarhus the past weekend.

This year’s line-up, as always, was filled with tones of acts that we wanted to see live. Of course, we couldn’t be everywhere and see everything, but there were some shows that really caught our attention and became the Good because Danish highlights of SPOT Festival 2015. Here are our favorite shows from day 2 of the official SPOT concerts.

The Radar Post

The Radar Post - SPOT Festival 2015

Esben Svane’s new solo project The Radar Post recently released a debut album under the same name, which is a piece of really good music. We managed to check out how it sounds live, when they played at HeadQuarters. And well, it sounds GOOD. Like, seriously, check out this guy. He might not have the voice that will charm you like a prince in a shiny armor, but he has that spark in it that will play with you, make you a bit irritated perhaps, but in the end – you will love it.

The live performace of The Radar Post was really intense and HQ was a perfect venue for the music. Since the stage is basically on the same height as the audience and everything is small – we really felt the closeness of the artists and that gave an additional connection with the music. If you think singer-songwriters are boring or all the same – you clearly haven’t heard this one yet.

Keep Camping

Keep Camping - SPOT Festival 2015

This year’s Good because Danish photographer for SPOT Festival – Joanna – went to see Keep Camping first at the Over & Aude brunch on Friday. After that short show she was sold. So we caught their official SPOT Festvial performance and you know what? OH, how we digged it!

The powerful combination of rock and electronic sounds was very energetic. Keep Camping made all the people near Cafe-Scenen at Musikhuset stop and dance with them. It’s been a long time since a band playing that kind of music got us interested. Their new single “Dance” is out since Monday, you should definitely give it a listen and catch their live show. Something tells us they would do great in Germany…


AV AV AV - SPOT Festival 2015

Electronic music had really strong representatives on this year’s SPOT Festival and the best sum up of that was the top class show by AV AV AV. The 3 DJ’s definitely got the warmest and most intense response from the audience, that we have seen this year.

AV AV AV just released their EP “They Live” and we had heard some songs from it, but the collective presented a lot of new material, that makes us wait impatiently for the forthcoming releases. The show, accompanied by beautiful visuals, was a masterpiece. Playing a DJ set doesn’t always have to be boring for the audience to look at – this concert was a proof of that!


We finished SPOT Festival 2015 dancing to Kenton Slash Demon‘s DJ set and then the Saturday night party moved from the official venues to the Radisson bar and the venue Double Rainbow. When the Good because Danish team was going to the bus taking us from Aarhus to Berlin at 7:00 am, we could still spot a few hard-core party people coming back home. In the first rays of sunshine we left Aarhus, but we are sure that we will come back next year. SPOT Festival – thank you for another great year!

Photos by Joanna Wróbel

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