SPOT Festival 2015 - 1

So, another edition of SPOT Festival is over. Good because Danish had once again a great time in Aarhus. We confirmed our feelings to some of the well-known bands, we found new loves, we hosted our very first Good because Danish showcase, we met old friends and made new ones. All in all, it was a great weekend!

This year’s line-up, as always, was filled with tones of acts that we wanted to see live. Of course, we couldn’t be everywhere and see everything, but there were some shows that really caught our attention and became the Good because Danish highlights of SPOT Festival 2015. Here are our favorite shows from day 1 of the official SPOT concerts.

However, we have to be honest with you – since we hosted our showcase at LYNfabrikken during DAY 1 of SPOT Festival, we missed a lot of what was going on elsewhere. But still, we made it to some pretty awesome shows:


photo by Joanna Wróbel

Good because Danish spent most of Friday evening at the venue Atlas, attending the No.3 / Sound Of Copenhagen showcase. And we must say, the guys from No.3 and SOC really have a great nose for good music!

As Kentaur was one of our hopes for SPOT Festival 2015, we couldn’t miss their show. And we are so happy that we were there!!! It was such a refreshing feeling to experience live music so pure, so organic, so natural and so deep at the same time. Kentaur started their show by playing the one and only released single – “Matter & Stone” – but it was just the beginning of truly heavenly songs that the band delivered during a WAY TOO SHORT set.

The combination of deep, amazing vocals, brilliant musicians showing their skills and compositions that were so well-thought, integrated and beautiful gave us real shivers. If you think that the word “beautiful” is overrated and lost its meaning – go see Kentaur live.

Kill J

photo by Joanna Wróbel

If you follow Good because Danish, you know that we are actually a little unofficial Kill J fan club, so we couldn’t miss her playing at SPOT. The show was a bit delayed, but it was worth the wait to see a full set from Kill J. It’s still a big surprise every time she comes on stage. It’s really hard to guess in which direction the live performance will go.

This time it was very energetic and powerful, the full Atlas venue was bouncing and dancing to the music like crazy. Kill J managed to overcome the delay that made people a bit bored, the slight technical troubles and the late hour of playing and she delivered a set that made everybody smile in the end. Keep up the good work, girl!


photo by Joanna Wróbel

Another act from our list of hopes for SPOT Festival 2015, the duo FAE, closed the No.3 / Sound Of Copenhagen showcase at Atlas and what a RAVE and party their show was! If you left the venue and missed it, you can regret it! FAE really know how to make a good party. The really heavy techno melodies combined with soft, delicate vocals sounded perfectly together. But what was the most important thing to us – this duo really loves to play music and one can see that!

Not only did the musicians have fun on stage, but they were able to transform the energy to the audience. If you like electronic music, techno sounds and something to blow your mind and ears – FAE is definitely an act to check out for you. We hope next time they play, more people will experience the great show.

This year’s SPOT Festival was special for us, because of the Good because Danish showcase, so DAY 1 went by very fast and intense. But Friday was just the beginning of the real fun…

Photos by Joanna Wróbel

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