Rangleklods - Straitjacket

We know we are not the only ones who were impatiently waiting for the successor of Rangleklods debut album “Beekeeper” from 2012. After a long wait, the duo of Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen finally released an album called “Straitjacket”. And it’s a record that you can’t walk by without emotions.

We already knew there is something new in the air when it comes to Rangleklods after we’ve heard the first single from “Straitjacket” – “Lost U”. The energy coming from the musical conversation (or argue?) between Esben and Pernille gave a new dynamic to the project. We weren’t sure if that was a good thing though. Now, after listening to the whole new album we have no doubts that Rangleklods is developing.

“Straitjacket” is built on contrasts, struggles and the atmosphere of constantly questioning the traditional approach of making music, as well as listening to music. There are songs on this record which I simply don’t understand. I listen to “Broke” or the title track “Straitjacket”, for example – and I just don’t get it. It’s twisted, confusing, surreal. Which isn’t a bad thing. It also challenges the listener to have a new view on things.

There is no way to describe the main “idea” behind “Straitjacket” or a dominant genre that was inspiration to Rangleklods. But there are definitely some strong references to the disco and electronic vibe of the 80’s and 90’s, sometimes a very hip-hop’ish beat comes up too. And a few songs sound like they were made while listening to Depeche Mode’s pre-“Violator” albums. The combination of delicacy and rawness bounds it all together in a musical dish straight from the fusion kitchen.

Even though the album is perfectly well set up to listen to as a whole, two songs caught my attention more than the others. “Happy In The Gutter” attracts and disturbs by a tension, buzzing under the surface of the drum sounds. And Rangleklods left the best for the end – “Nerves”. If I could choose one song to have sex with, it would be this one.

Rangleklods flirt and play with you on their new album. They tempt you, disturb you, confuse you, mislead you, attract you and make you go crazy. But one thing is sure, they do NOT make you bored with “Straitjacket”.

Give it a listen on Spotify and buy the digital version at iTunes store.

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