October Dance - Heart Of Romance

Not only the weather tells us that summer is getting closer, but also the music which is released by bands feeling the summer vibes. One of the songs that can definitely become an anthem for Summer 2015 is “Heart Of Romance” from the Copenhagen-based collective October Dance. We’re more than happy to be able to present the brand new video to this song as a Good because Danish premiere today!

October Dance caught our attention at last year’s Trailerpark Festival and we follow the band with more and more enthusiasm ever since. Recently, October Dancer found a new way to release their new EP “Paradise In Heaven”. Instead of publishing all the tracks as a regular release, the band pepared a series of separate releases for each song from the EP that contains of: a song, a video premiere and a release party for each composition.

We are thrilled to get the chance to present the second video of the series, the quirky clip to “Heart Of Romance” made by Marie Boye Thomsen and William Reynish. It’s created on the base of a strange fantasy world where dreams and reality come together in a dance of colours and emotions, covered in a haze of disco melancholia. Even though everything happens inside one lovely old barn, we have the feeling of travelling in time and space.

October Dance describe “Heart Of Romance” as a song “which is embracing cold drinks, sunny weather and a feeling for not always being able to be where you want to be and the fascination of warmth and bright colors. “Just take me away, or leave me alone, seduce my body or leave it alone”. There is a naive sense in the choir of this slow disco inspired track which is also embracing a laid back but leavened emotion to the listener.”

The best thing about October Dance’s new song and video is: it keeps you interested from the first to the last second, but at the same time it doesn’t demand too much attention.

How is that possible? Find out yourself by watching “Heart Of Romance” on YouTube.

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