Jens Ulrik-Kleemeyer - Shitfaced

In the post about the single “Maybe Some Time From Now” by Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer from November last year, I wrote “The beauty of this song is that it’s so simple. It’s a humble explanation of life’s choices, accompanied by the humble guitar and delicate drums. Because in real life there are no such big dramas as in the movies. Things are quiet and pretty simple.”

An Arcade Fire vibe. The touch of rawness, which is very organic, very… well… raw, but also – elegant. Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer is a stylish barbarian on his album “Shitfaced”. Or simply – he’s the title character in the songs. A wasted “bad boy”. You should hate him, despise him, avoid any contact and yet – you end up loving him. He has too much charm.

That’s the album “Shitfaced” for me. A story of a man who has done both, good and bad in life and who’s still on his way to… metaphorical hangover or sobering up? I don’t think Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer gives us an answer to this question in his songs. I don’t think he gives us any answers at all. He presents a collection of thoughts, sometimes – brutal truths (like in “Sicily Rising” when he sings “and I think I loved you better when we were younger”). Because in real life there are no such big dramas as in the movies. Things are quiet and pretty simple. When you’re drunk, you’re drunk, you’re shitfaced. When you’re lonely, you’re lonely. And when you get up on your knees, you move on. That’s the story of many men’s lives. That’s the story you can find on “Shitfaced”.

Listen to the album on Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer’s Bandcamp.

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