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How to write anything about an afternoon that was a dream come true to us? Tough thing to do. So we will try to take you back in time a bit and express all the emotions and fun we had at the first Good because Danish showcase ever.

Thanks to Mona Schnell PR we were honoured to host an OFF SPOT showcase at LYNfabrikken with three amazing acts: Ida Gard, Ida Wenøe and the duo marstal:lidell. The concerts got the title “A Showcase For Female Danish Voices”, since the acts were almost exclusively female. They presented different music – just as women have different facets. Let us take you on a little trip down memory lane one week ago:

Friday, 1. May 2015, is a warm day, with a bit of sun and a bit of rain. It’s 15:00 and we’re heading to LYNfabrikken to prepare ourselves for the first ever showcase that holds the name of our little blog. It’s been a crazy time since Mona Schnell PR asked us to join forces for the event and now we are both, excited and nervous of how it will go.

When we arrive at LYNfabrikken, the small “stage” area is ready. A few people are studying, working, drinking coffee and focusing on their own tasks. The sun comes through the windows and we start feeling a bit calmer about how things will go.

Just in time for the showcase – right at 16:00 – LYNfabrikken starts to fill up with people. Most of them are SPOT Festival delegates, but some just came to listen to good music. One by one, the chairs at the tables of the coffee place get taken and people also stand in the back, where we are as well.

The first artist playing is Ida Gard. She performs her songs in acoustic arrangements, which gives them an additional charm and keeps the focus on the lyrics, which we love so much. Ida Gard’s performance seems to make a big impression on the audience. The moment she comes on stage all the people that were working before close their books and laptops and listen to the music. The wonderful people from LYNfabrikken are also amazingly quiet while making coffee and delivering orders to people. The atmosphere stays like that throughout the whole showcase – people are very quiet, focused on the music and trying to “get” as much from it as possible. We are looking around and cannot help feeling really pleased and happy.

Gbd showcase - 3 acts

Now, here comes a hard part – will all these people stay for the whole event or go after the first act? It turns out that people want to listen to the all three acts! There is some moving around, some people are leaving, some new ones are coming over. We introduce the next act – the duo marstal:lidell. This is a very new band for us, we haven’t mention them on the blog before the showcase, but now while they are playing, we know we definitely will listen closely to their music!

The very last act of the afternoon is the one and only Ida Wenøe. She enchants the audience with her gentleness and lovely stories told between the songs. The sun is setting down outside, which gives LYNfabrikken an amazing charm. At the end of her performance, Ida Wenøe asks the audience to help her sing one of the songs. The whole room starts to hum, while she steps forward in between the tables to be closer to the people and sings a lovely composition. After such a great response from the audience we can’t help it – and share a few happy tears.

The first Good because Danish showcase ever was an extremely intense experience for us. We’re exhausted from the firework of emotions that exploded inside us, but most of all we are proud and glad.

We hope this wasn’t the last time that the name Good because Danish appeared in context of a concert. Thank you, Mona, for inviting us to join forces with you, thanks to all the artists and to all of YOU who showed up at LYNfabrikken to share this lovely Friday afternoon experience with us!

Photos by Joanna Wróbel

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