Andre Tonelege

Denmark can be a mysterious and strange land. Just as Danish music happen to be sometimes. Especially for those of you who (like me) don’t speak the language. The magic, the mystery, the atmosphere of both, curiosity and a little fear – all that can be found in the sounds coming from Andre Tonelege.

The first surprise coming with this act – it’s not a one man band, but a duo: Jakob Franck as beatmaker and Karoline Elsig behind vocals and saxophone. They mention Björk, The Knife, Glasser or Massive Attack as their inspiration and artists they like – you can surely hear these influences in the music.

Andre Tonelege’s debut EP “Echoes In The Woods”, consisting of five extremely extraordinary tracks, can be best described as a perfect soundtrack to listen to when going around the imaginary world of Ofelia from the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”.

The combination of outwardly mismatched sounds and noises creates a chaos of songs on the EP. Doesn’t really sound like it’s music in a classical way, does it? Exactly. And that’s the brilliance of Andre Tonelege – it is MUSIC. Written with capital letters. Another amazing little detail is the way of combining such an old-school instrument as saxophone with the weirdest, most twisted electronic beats. The result is intriguing and very fresh. On one hand you can hear space in these songs, on the other, your imagination creates pictures of an old jazz bar from the 20’s.

Andre Tonelege’s music can be tough to comprehend at the first listen. I myself was moving on the surface of it for a long time before it really soaked into me. This way, not the other way round. The music soaked into my body. And now I can’t release myself from it.

In the newest song the duo discovers a completely new world with adding lyrics in Danish to their already specific, extraordinary music. “Fyld Mig Med” seems to be more of a “real” song, yet the vibe coming out of it is still very special.

As you can see, I am completely lost in the music of Andre Tonelege. I could write stories and thoughts down in this post for hours, but I will spare you the trouble of scrolling down to the music and let you simply listen to it right now.

On Andre Tonelege’s SoundCloud you can find the song “Fyld Mig Med” and the EP “Echoes In The Woods” as free downloads.

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