At Good because Danish we try our best to keep up with all news from the Danish music scene. We try to listen to as much as we can and share as much good (because Danish) music on the blog as possible. However, it’s really hard to run a blog and… well, have a life, too. Sometimes there are just too many great songs popping up – and along with them, too many e-mails with music. We simply can’t cover it all!* Therefore, we came up with a new series for the blog that makes it easier for us to share even more great Danish music gems!

Every now and then, we will be posting a small selection of these gems that land in our Good because Danish inbox – including a short, crisp description and some info to the selected artists and songs.  So, THIS JUST IN:

NORTH FALL – “Aegir”

North Fall from Copenhagen present their new single “Aegir”. Some sort of “Danishness” and the unique glimpse of Scandinavian melancholy can be felt from the first to the last second of this song.

“The song presents a gloomy, greymattered version of the Copenhagen night life, focusing on the street of Ægirsgade on Nørrebro.”

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VIA MALA – “Elusive You”

This band will remind you of what the beauty of grunge music really is. With their new single “Elusive You”, Via Mala takes what’s best from Pearl Jam and Mad Season and adds the characteristic scratchy vocals and bittersweet lyrics to the whole. On 16. April, Via Mala will release their debut EP “Out Of Sight”.

“The band’s mission is to revive grunge and they have named their genre “grunge revival”. They have taken the aesthetics and sound of grunge music and worked with it in a modern context.”

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CEEE – “Juvenile”

Ceee is the solo project of ex-Dúné member Cecilie Dyrberg. She recently presented her first single “Juvenile”, a delicate ballad, bringing back slight echoes of Spice Girls’ older, slower songs from “Forever”. Good pop is good pop, no doubt about it.

“Ceee is 100% my own project and I have been doing it all on my own from songwriting to recording and producing.”

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UFORNIA – “Days of Yore”

The duo of shoegazers – Ufornia – released a debut single in February 2015, which is a true balm for the sick souls of modern world people. Dive into the river of slightly quirky sounds, reaching the deepest parts of your subconsciousness.

“Somewhere between dreamy skies and a dark tavern – with a silky noise familiar to My bloody Valentine and Scott Walker you’ll find Ufornia.”

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ODE TO BOY – “Cool Cash”

The new duo Ode To Boy came up with some upbeat music and lyrics about… the issue of prostitution. In their single “Cool Cash” the two things somehow fit each other and the result is a very good song for both – to hit the dancefloor and to think about moral dilemmas of this world.

“When we had the melody of the song, we thought there was something mysterious in the verse, and thus came the text about a little dirty issue in this world.”

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*Feel still free though to send us your music via if you want us to listen to it :)

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