If you read this, this and this post on Good because Danish thoroughly, you might have noticed that there’s at least one thing popping up in all three of them. Since Easter is long over and virtual egg hunts way less fun than the real thing, we give you a hint: all three posts mention KarriereKanonen – and it sounds like something really, really exciting.  So… what is it exactly?

Danish radio’s talent scout project KarriereKanonen – which literally means “the career cannon” – is basically all about upcoming Danish music. In previous years KarriereKanonen has mainly focused on the annual selection of 12 artists from a pool of entered music, who all get to play at SPOT Festival. Eight of them then play at Smukfest a couple of months later, where in the end three final winners get announced.  Earlier finalists include among others The Minds of 99 (who are this year opening Roskilde Festival’s Orange Stage!), The Eclectic Moniker, The Olympics, former Boho Dancer, Kites and Komets and 2014’s winners For Akia, Sonja Hald and Keep Camping.

Last year, KarriereKanonen then expanded their concept to additionally act as an online community and a digital platform for new acts to expose their music and reach a new audience; and there’s an incredible amount of fresh, “untouched” music to be discovered on that platform – you can browse through the official website HERE.

Listen to the chosen 12 artists who play at SPOT Festival 2015 in the playlist below – and find out more about them soon on Good because Danish! Until then, follow KarriereKanonen on Facebook and Twitter to hear the newest Danish sounds before many others do.

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