Good because Danish’s friends from Gimle SOUND-TJEK will present the best new Danish music at Gimle in Roskilde between 23. and 25. April 2015 during the 5th edition of their SOUND-TJEK Festival. “The theme of this year’s festival is all about our “music family” – all the bands that have ever played on our stage or that we’ve worked with in some other way”, explains Thomas Bech from the Gimle SOUND-TJEK team.

During the 3 days of the event you will be able to discover live music from Rest In Beats, Marc Facchini, JÆRV, IDA KUDO, Katinka, Caved Crow, KLUB 27, Too Young To Die, The Entrepreneurs, Aksglæde, Mund De Carlo and more! The awesome line-up gives you a chance to see acts that have the potential to go very far. All the bands are worth listening to and we will definitely keep an eye (and ear) on them in the future.

However, for our #HIGH5 series, we asked Thomas Bech from the Gimle SOUND-TJEK team to choose 5 acts from the line-up, which  – in his personal opinion – show the theme and the variety of the artists who will perform at Gimle during the festival. Find his choices below; but before that – listen to the SOUND-TJEK Festival 2015 playlist on SoundCloud.

SOUND-TJEK Festival 2015
23-25.04.2015 – Roskilde: Gimle – Event on Facebook

A brand new two man psychedelic garage rock project. We’ve worked with the lead vocal, Haruna James, before but as a hip hopper, so I’m extremely excited to experience their first ever public live concert. They’ll bring an exciting ensemble of talented musicians for the gig and with Haruna’s flow applied to garage rock it can’t fail. They are part of this years 12 chosen artists for DR’s KarriereKanonen.

I’m really looking forward to Katinka’s eclectic brand of organic pop. They don’t sound like anything else in Denmark right now. This is in part due to the lyrics but definitely also because of Katinka’s heartfelt vocal and the production. If you listen closely, and check out the living room session video for “Asker Du Her”, you’ll notice that yes, you can play on a drawer. Katinka is also part of this year’s KarriereKanonen.

Marc Facchini
We focus a lot on the term ‘music family’, all the artists that have performed under the SOUND-TJEK name, and I believe Marc is the one we’ve had the pleasure of seeing on stage the most times. We called him Mescalin, baby in 2011, Mother Lewinsky in 2012, Little Bird in 2014 and now he’s very much on his own two feet with his solo singer/songwriter project. Marc has a unique voice, and a strong message, that I’m excited to experience live in a new format.

The Entrepreneurs
“Noise & Romance”? I’d call it punk pop with an edge. A new project that you can experience at this year’s SPOT and Roskilde Festival as well. A hard hitting duo signed on Like A Can Of Beans Records, run by another former artist in Nelson Can – truly a music family band. They only have one track out and I haven’t personally had the pleasure yet to catch them live so this is on my ‘must-see’ list.

Caved Crow
This is a folk pop band from the northern part of Denmark, Aalborg / Aarhus with a dark, melancholy feel. This is another band I haven’t personally seen live but everyone I’ve talked to raves about the dark but grandiose universe they create on stage. Despite the fact that they are only a year old by the time they visit us, their hard work and confidence is supposed to show live – so I’ll be in the back anxiously waiting to experience it for myself.

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