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Good because Danish is proud to present our own little accent on this year’s SPOT Festival. Along with Mona Schnell PR, we warmly invite you to the wonderful LYNfabrikken in Aarhus on 1. May 2015 (16:00 – 18:00) for an OFF SPOT showcase with Ida Gard, Ida Wenøe and marstal:lidell.

Despite on-going debates about a low quota of female artists in Denmark’s music scene, there’s many little traces that show how many ladies really shape it. Good because Danish itself is – besides our wonderful sidekicks Nick and Flo – mainly run by international female lovers of Danish music, and since the very beginning of the blog’s existence, we were amazed by the wonders that female Danish artists create.

With their amazing work they promote Danish music and female power not only in their own country, but also abroad. We can give you countless examples from different genres: Oh Land, Maggie Bjørklund, Rosa Lux, Hannah Schneider, Penny Police, Lucy Love, Nabiha, MØ, Who Killed Bambi, IKI… and the list goes on.

The three wonderful acts who will perform at LYNfabrikken on 1. May 2015 can be added to that list: the two extraordinary singer-songwriters Ida Gard and Ida Wenøe, and the duo marstal:lidell with Anna Lidell.

The music of each of these ladies is different, but they have one thing in common: they show how much power and strength a female heart hides. Even if you think they are delicate, fragile and emotional, Ida Gard and Ida Wenøe and marstal:lidell prove that they have a strong side, too. Music is a way to take power out of the fragility. It works, believe us!

Ida Wenøe

What can you expect from an afternoon spent with musicians like Ida Wenøe? In a small interview with Good because Danish, the former member of trio Boho Dancer described the feeling of playing as a solo artist:

“When you play solo, you can only rely on yourself. It’s much more scary, but in a way also more freeing. It is a thrilling feeling to stand there all alone. It’s a huge responsibility in a way. You have to deliver and there’s no one else to pick you up or support you musically! Everything stands AND falls with you. But I love the excitement in that! I’m kinda addicted to it.”

Ida Gard - Need A BreakThe “other” Ida – Ida Gard – is a different kind of stage character and musician. What’s really great about her concerts is that they always are fresh in some sort of way. Ida told us her secret of staying fresh during a tour, when we spoke with her in Berlin last year:

“I guess I always try to change it a little bit. Change the things I’m saying, or try to sing it different, not allowing myself to sing it exactly the same way two times in a row. Probably the audience doesn’t even hear it, but I think they notice that it’s fresh in a way. Also, I hate it when I hear myself repeating something, so I usually just don’t do that. If something worked really well yesterday, it will never work when you try it again.”

marstallidellThe final touch of the little line-up is marstal:lidell – dream pop with Nordic tunes by the two Copenhagen-based musicians/producers Henrik Marstal and
Anna Lidell.


“marstal:lidell is a result of a unique collaboration on the Nordic music scene. In 2012, the two producers Henrik Marstal and Anna Lidell formed a duo dedicated to atmospheric dreampop with a serious lyrical universe. Listeners have described its music ‘The Cure meets Röyksopp’ and ‘Slowdive with a Nina Hagen vibe’.”

Good because Danish – a showcase for female Danish voices
with Ida Gard, Ida Wenøe and marstal:lidell
01.05.2015 – Aarhus: Lynfabrikken, OFF SPOTEvent on Facebook

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