How to visualize the ambivalent nature of one’s mind – allowing both, soothing freedom and frightening claustrophobia? How to visualize the waves of anxiety and fear that can be streaming through one’s body, simply caused by the power of thoughts? How to visualize this restlessness and the resulting discomfort in the 4 minutes of a music video?

One answer to these questions could be found in the video that Aarhus-based post-punk band War Drums released for their song “Moon Palace”. The video features the physical interpretation by dancers Lulia Sima and Ragna Maria, based on the feeling they perceived when hearing the song for the first time.

Even though the video’s look generally doesn’t seem too appealing to my personal aesthetical taste, there is something incredibly intriguing about watching the dancers’ smooth bodies move parallel to the rather sharp tones of “Moon Palace”.

However, the real captivating element in the whole is after all the music – War Drum’s self-titled “synth brutality” – itself. These rolling sounds, that are at times literally electrifying, build up some raw, mental environment – some sort of abandoned, industrial “palace” indeed – that you’re not able to escape until the music stops.

The music video to “Moon Palace” is both, a closure of the chapter War Drums opened with their EP “Wilderness Children” from 2013 and the beginning of a new one, that’ll start with the first single of the band’s forthcoming release later this month. We’ll keep an ear out for sure!

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