The Gang OK - Locoations

The Gang OK‘s debut mini-album is a perfect soundtrack to what’s going on at GbD’s headquarters, both in Copenhagen and in Poznań. MAAAAADNESSSSS!!! Guys, seriously – I mean, Danish artists, seriously – give us a moment to rest, it’s too much new, good (because Danish) music to take! We feel like we are racing with time, to cover all of it on the blog. If you want to feel similar, turn on “Locations”. The speed, the pulse, the tempo – The Gang OK’s album will give you an adrenaline boost to get up on your feet and RUN!

“Locations” is a whole of three parts, containing some of the previous The Gang OK work and new sounds. The three parts are like three mini DJ-sets that take you on a journey to a totally new musical universe. When I wrote about The Gang OK for the first time, I described their music as a vibrant, vivid, but elegant collection of sounds and beats. For me – truly fresh in a way I can’t explain.” – I stick to that statement. What I stated can be still heard on the new release.

There is this subconscious need of running, moving forward, discovering the world of sounds in “Locations”. The kind of hunger that only a true music lover has. The guys of The Gang OK have it, that’s why their music is so fresh and – true. I think I have it, that’s why I love the band’s work. Do you also have the music hunger in you?

Find out by listening to “Locations” on SoundCloud and give the band your Like on Facebook.

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