And they lived happily ever after… that’s what we wish for the lovely wedding couple from the video above – and for Take Me To Your Leader, who show a lovely story with a happy ending in the video to their new single “The Wedding Song”.

Nicolai from Take Me To Your Leader shared the background story with us:

“The Wedding Song” is originally composed as a tribute to our friends living in Lebanon, who got married in 2013. We had some hard times getting the video material to Denmark from Lebanon. Mainly because the video raws were too large and it was not possible to upload them online. The internet connections was not stable enough. In the same time it was difficult to send a physical copy without the risk of it being destroyed. But we managed to arrange an export of the VHS out of Lebanon physically. We found a guy who already planned on going out of the country. He was going for a trip to Poland. So we thought, he could deliver the VHS to Karolina Kozak (who aired Take Me To Your Leader’s “Dream Dreamer” in a radio show last year) – and that she hopefully would be able to send it to Denmark in a secure manner. Well… the VHS was located in Beirut. The movie guy who had the VHS had moved to the UK… so we contacted the bride to help us fetch the HD in Beirut… but it turned out that she had moved to Africa and she couldn’t do anything from there. We sniffed around to find other solutions and found out that one of the bride’s friends had a copy of the VHS with the video material. She lives in New York… unfortunately, it turned out that the data was erased… we gave up and it seemed to be an impossible mission to make a video for “The Wedding Song”…  but then we finally found a way to make the video happen! Luckily the couple who got married already had made a useable video from the wedding, which they mailed us. We ended up editing this into the music video to “The Wedding Song”. You can say this whole thing turned into a intercultural exchange through music. We think it was worth the trouble and we are truly happy with the result. We also like the fact that this video shows one of many positive sides of Lebanon. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people.

Happy endings do exist – in life and in music, as it turned out. You can watch how one of them looked like in Lebanon, in 2013, when you check out Take Me To Your Leader’s video to “The Wedding Song”.

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