Sekuoia - Reset Heart EP

One of Good because Danish’s favorite electronic acts – Sekuoiareleased a new EP last week, called “Reset Heart”. Of course we listened to it closely and of course – we recommend it to you! Apart from the two singles “Waves” and “Somewhere”, “Reset Heart” contains more new songs and creates a whole that will blow your mind. Why? We give you 3 reasons here.

Reason no. 1: Soothing beats. The four compositions on the EP bring peaceful, relaxing, flowing music to your ears. You won’t be attacked by any heavy sounds or raw composition of beats. No, no, no. Sekuoia obviously thinks twice before putting tunes together. And the musical puzzles he serves fit each other perfectly. So, sit down, relax and enjoy the ride with “Reset Heart”.

Reason no. 2: Depth. There is something about the songs of “Reset Heart” that turns them into 3D songs. The construction of each composition gives the music a special depth. Like in “Broke”, where you discover new layers, new details, new levels of the song during each new listen. The depth of the tracks on the EP will make you dive into it for hours. Promise.

Reason no. 3: “Somewhere”. The somewhat crooked beats, the funny sounding “vocals” (let’s call them that) plus the great use of a guitar sound in the background. The sexy, seducing single “Somewhere” – my personal highlight of the EP – would be recommendation enough to check out the whole EP.

We could go on with the list of reasons to give “Reset Heart” a spin. But to sum it up we just say: it’s a great EP. It’s as simple as that. When you hear a good release, you don’t really need to point out reasons to recommend it, you just need to go with the flow and listen to it. The old saying “good music defends itself” fits Sekuoia’s new release perfectly.

So, check “Reset Heart” out on Spotify and give Sekuoia your Like on Facebook.

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