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On days when music joins forces with other kinds of art and the result is simply stunning, our hearts go straight to heaven! Today is one of those days. Good because Danish is proud to present the new video to Vampire Blow‘s single “Sundown”! It will blow your mind!

Copenhagen-based psych rockers Vampire Blow became one of our favorite garage rock bands from Denmark and we’re thrilled to once again have the pleasure to premiere their work on the blog.

Their new single “takes you for a ride inside classic bluesy rock‘n’roll with a psychedelic power trip that gives associations to Suicide or Deep Purple. You are properly thinking Suicide and Deep Purple? That must be a weird bastard? And yeah it is, but once again this band has a strong way of taking eclectic genres from rock music and combine them in ways that revitalize them.”

The track’s awesomness is complemented by a video made by William Reynish He created an amazing plasticined world, put to life by Vampire Blow’s music. We believe that the first man on the moon had to feel the same way as we are feeling, while watching the music video to “Sundown”. Everything seems to be so real yet surreal at the same time. Realistic as if we can almost touch it, yet crazy dreamy and far away as well.

As the band says themselves: In “Sundown” Pingu, Cast Away and Suicide meet. We agree!

Listen to Vampire Blow’s new single and watch the great video to it on YouTube.

Also, don’t forget to catch Vampire Blow’s next concert – on 2. May 2015 in Aarhus at this year’s SPOT Festival.

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