Magnolia Shoals - Tenants

You know how music can sometimes create paintings in your head? I sometimes experience, that when I listen to an album, it paints pictures in my mind, sounds transform into images, images combine together into a story… That’s exactly the feeling I got when listening to Magnolia Shoals‘ debut album “Tenants”, released last month via Remote Music.

Magnolia Shoals became my personal acoustic-folk equivalent of 2014’s DK rock surprise The Awesome Welles. Both bands’ debut albums show that they have a solid preparation and a great potential in them, to go far with their music. “Tenants” paints peaceful, a little sad paintings of empty autumn woods, quiet lonely lakes, hidden in between the trees. You press play and almost see these musical images for real in front of you.

If you need separation from the outside world, if you need to dive deep into your own thoughts, worries, doubts – to solve them – Magnolia Shoals’ album is a perfect soundtrack for doing so. The compositions are balanced, the sad, melancholic vocals give them depth. Each song has so many layers created by classical instruments, as well as the highly delicate use of electronic tools, almost barely heard, yet present. The perfection of the whole is fulfilled by the lyrics.

“Tenants” stole my heart and soul most of all because of its honesty. No glitter, no fake show-offs, no useless make-up for the real music collected on the record. Magnolia Shoals show themselves and their music just as they are. Pure, vulnerable, real. If that won’t catch your attention, I don’t know what else will. In a world full of electronic, computer-generated music (which I also like, I admit) it’s great to stumble upon a band that believes in the beauty of old-fashioned, classic instruments and the ultimate message that music is a mirror of the soul.

Listen to “Tenants” on Spotify or iTunes and find Magnolia Shoals on Facebook.

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