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Heimatt just released their debut album, which can for sure take part in a competition for the longest album title in the history of album titles. “With You I Will Dance All the Way Through the Night. I Will Tie Your Hands and Go Blind. If You Just Let Me.” is the result of the hard work of the Copenhagen-based band and we can say – they did a great job!

The ten compositions from “With You I Will Dance…” are a perfect soundtrack for the upcoming spring. The uplifting music, matched with thoughtful lyrics and the great energy of each song will give you something to smile about, to think of, to maybe share a tear as well. There’s nothing more to ask for!

The strong, joyful opening, the title-giving “With You I Will Dance” – my personal favorite on the album – and “Pretentious”, give you a hint of joy that you can see when Heimatt play live. They just love what they do and it’s so obvious, that you have to smile with them! The big plus of the record is the nice balance of upbeat and slower songs. Heimatt gives you a chance to catch your breath with songs like “Dandelions” or “Below the Bells”, in which you can hear the Nordic melancholy.

However, you won’t get bored with this album, the band took care of a nice combination of different styles: from more classic singer-songwriter stuff, through “folkish” compositions (“Everyone’s Sinner”), a bit of indie pop (“One of a Kind”), American country sound (“Mountains”) to the melodic ending (“Oh My God!”) – “With You I Will Dance…” takes you on a walk around Heimatt’s musical world that is not a flat and steady one. Oh no!

I must admit, when I first got to know Heimatt’s music, I wasn’t so super thrilled about it. There was something missing… That something, whatever it was, has been found by the band on their debut LP. I urge you to find out about it yourself.

Listen to Heimatt’s debut album “With You I Will Dance All the Way Through the Night. I Will Tie Your Hands and Go Blind. If You Just Let Me.” on Spotify or find links to other music services HERE.

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