This week was a special one here at Good because Danish, since we celebrated the blog’s 4th birthday. For this occasion we prepared a special post from our #HIGH5 series, with 4 songs marking 4 important moments in Good because Danish’s history. Why 4 songs if the series is called #HIGH5, you ask? It’s because of the birthday contest that followed the post!

We asked you to add your favorite Danish song to our list and tell us why. The answers we got amazed and moved us. We simply couldn’t decide who to pick to be the lucky one getting the prize, so we had to draw it virtually… And the winner is:


Congratulations, Aleksandra! You win a Good because Danish tote-bag filled with awesome goodies, such as a signed album of Sleep Party People, freshly released CD’s and much more.

Still being in happy birthday mood though, we decided to give out “consolation prizes” to two more winners, who both get a Good because Danish tote-bag with some small surprises. So, congratulations also to Sylwia and Peter!

Below you can see our winners’ favorite Danish songs – and read their amazing explanations! Thank you all for taking part in our birthday contest!

Aleksandra’s choice: Lasse Liisberg – “Based on Lies”
“Two years ago was the first time I visited Denmark. I was living in a little town in a school with many amazing people for 5 months. The very first week we went to the only pub that was in that little town. I ended up talking for hours about poetry with a young sensitive boy, as passionate about music as I haven’t been for anything for years. I envied him so much. This boy became one of my closest friends, told me so much about danish alternative and folk music and Odense beer. So as my first danishmusic inspiration, I must complete my #High5 with his song: Based on Lies, Lasse Liisberg”

Sylwia’s choice: Efterklang – “Sedna”
“This song shows not only amazing creativity (the whole idea about mixing sounds recorded in Piramida into their music turned out to be fantastic) but has also this nostalgic/melancholic tune that makes you just stop and listen. It is not a type of music that will calmly be in the background. “Sedna” will creep into you and stay there showing that there is beauty in gloom and peace can be misleading. I had the pleasure to listen to this song for the first time during Efterklang’s gig when they were promoting “The Ghost of Piramida” and it was blissful. There is no great story that comes with this song for me, no great tale. Just music. And this makes “Sedna” amazing.”

Peter’s choice:
Tina Dickow – “Copenhagen”
“Singer/Songwriter Tina Dickow is certainly somewhat of a special case to me. It was due to her “True North” describing the sheer breathtaking mighty glory of the nordic spheres so perfectly, that has peaked my curiosity for nordic audiosphere as well. But amongst all of her powerful songs, it’s certainly “Copenhagen” which I’ve fallen in love from the very first time on I listened to it (which has actually been on my very first trip to the city at the hotel room). Ever since I’ve been to this magnificient capital at every chance there’ve been to me and still far too seldom for my taste. Unlike “True North” Dickow just succeeds to get the fascination, the vibe of this wonderful city rendered within the mere 4 minutes duration this song lasts – a dreamy city, rough and smooth at the same time (from those rusty sheer amazing street-lights to all those people on their bikes looking so damn cool..I could go on like this for at least a whole paragraph of reasons why Copenhagen rocks big times, but once we’ve reached the point where I’m fascinated rambling over the simplistic beauty of how CPH’s green wastebasket stickers are designed I guess that’s where I’d overshoot the mark :)) Unintentionally caring and careful to those living there or dropping by for a visit it seems, people enjoying their lives and obviously proud and happy for being right there…just so..hyggelig and “Copenhagen” captures this sentiment just perfectly. Hence I think it deserves a place on the list for sure.”

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