Saint Cava

This will make you go with the flow and get lost in music. The Aarhus duo Saint Cava is a new experimental R’n’B project that we think might rock your musical world. You can listen to 2 compositions of Saint Cava online and we highly recommend you to check them out. Especially the single “Forget”.

An a little bit mysterious sound, mesmerizing vocals and the atmosphere of “Forget” will simply melt your heart and erease all troubles of the passing day.

Good because Danish got to see Saint Cava live at VEGA’s Udvalgte 2015 and we agreed that fans of Kill J will like this project. And if you enjoyed listening to our little GbD discovery Trip-E (the other project of Saint Cava singer Erika Casier) – Saint Cava will be great music for your ears as well!

I’m looking for more words to write about the project and their single “Forget”, but I can’t really add anything more to what is written above. Because the song makes me dreamy, lazy and too relaxed to make my brain work. The only thing I want to do while listening to “Forget” is to fly away with my thoughts. Try to do it as well and let Saint Cava take you up to the clouds.

Listen to “Forget” on SoundCloud and watch the video clip to it on YouTube. Give the duo your Like on Facebook to keep track of what they will present in the future. We can’t wait to hear more from them!

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