Our little baby is growing, people! Exactly 4 years ago, on 23. February 2011, the little blog Dobre, bo duńskie (Good because Danish) was born on a cold winter night. Now it gets bigger and bigger everyday and we are like its proud parents, watching and being a part of the amazing adventure started in 2011.

We could have told you thousands of stories connected to the blog, shared good and bad memories of concerts we’ve been to, great artists we’ve met on the way, amazing readers who support the website by checking it out every day.

We could have made you go through the history of the blog day by day, month by month, year by year, presenting the progress we have made and the good changes that the blog went through.

We could have written the longest post in the history of blog posts in here, to tell you everything about the past 4 years of Good because Danish.

Instead, we just want to share a simple THANK YOU for another amazing year of this little initiative. You make it grow and develop. You, the readers, Danish musicians, supporters and authors from all over the world. This baby grows because of you! TAK! DANKE! DZIĘKUJEMY!

We could have really written way more than these few words, but we have chosen to remind you how the 4 years of Good because Danish went by in a different way. For our 4th birthday, we would like to high-five with you – b-day style! Check out the special birthday edition of our #HIGH5 series – this time with Good because Danish itself (represented by founder Arletta and co-editor Jasmin) as the main “star”.

Since it’s a birthday, there have to be birthday presents as well! Not for us though – but for you! We prepared a special Good because Danish tote-bag full of great Danish goodies for you. How to get it? Find out about the rules of the birthday contest HERE.

Once again, thanks for amazing 4 years and we promise – it’s just a beginning! :)

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Our small team of music lovers runs Good because Danish with one goal: to share songs and stories that spark emotions. We believe that music is the great equalizer: it’s for everyone. Therefore, we keep our content free. There’s no ads, no clickbait, no sponsored posts. Every article was written out of pure love. If you like what we do, please support us via a PayPal or Patreon.

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