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VEGA is one of the most famous and prestigious music venues in Denmark. Based in Copenhagen, the place attracts not only big names of both, Danish and international music scene, but also creates a space for young upcoming acts to perform and get discovered by the public.

A great chance to catch 6 of those upcoming acts performing at VEGA is this year’s edition of the venue’s annual showcase event – VEGA’s Udvalgte – happening next Friday, on 30. January 2015.

“Udvalgt” is the Danish word for “selected”  – and when you look at the show’s line-up, you’ll notice that those responsible for VEGA’s fine selection know what’s up in Danish music and seem to have a nose for the rising stars of 2015!

In the most humble way we have to remark here, that the line-up of VEGA’s Udvalgte 2015 includes many artists we already mentioned on Good because Danish before :) So, we can only warmly recommend the event featuring ENA, Mendoza, ANYA, First Hate, The Felines and Kwamie Liv.

Three of the mentioned ladies – ENA, ANYA and Kwamie Livcharmed us with their delicate feminity and amazing voices. A similar great quality of music can be heard in the songs of First Hate, who only recently released their new single “Girls In The Club”. Mendoza – the musical little sister of Linkoban – will definitely give you an energy boost with her performance, while The Felines and their “garage punk with a twist of catnip” can be a sure surprise.

If you want to know who to keep eyes (and ears) on this year – before everyone else will – VEGA’s Udvalgte 2015 is your place to be! Before seeing the featured acts play live, listen to their songs on our little Good because Danish SoundCloud playlist.

VEGA’s Udvalgte 2015 feat. ENA, Mendoza, The Felines, ANYA, Kwamie Liv, First Hate
30.01.2015: Copenhagen, VEGAEvent on Facebook

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