Ninety-three seconds of instrumental, atmosphere-shaping intro that outline setting and mood of the following track, that put you into a rather old-fashioned car, that make you start the purring engine and slowly pull out of some dusty driveway onto a long, lonely highway at dusk.

The images I could sense during the first moments of “December Moon” seem to exactly describe the feeling, Copenhagen-based Team of Experts try to awaken by the use of reversed guitar, lots of delay and reverb in their newest track.

A night drive seems to indeed sketch the right setting to contemplate over the kind of story that the song is dealing with: it is based on a girl, singer Martin Gronemann fell deeply in love with last year. Even though he later had to face the harsh yet well-known reality of unrequited feelings, “December Moon” was still written with the euphoric and delirious sensation about meeting someone so inspiring, charismatic and cute, who is able to radiate joyful warmth.

This described rapture or ecstasis can definitely be spotted in the quickly evolving “December Moon”, which – just like the songs of Team of Expert’s first self-titled EP from May 2014 – reaches back to musical influences, somewhere between psychedelic streams of the 60’s and 90’s alternative noise rock.

On their forthcoming second EP “Sardonique”, the rather young duo – formed in 2013 by Martin Gronemann and Lasse Høgh – develop and expand their sound into further atmospheric and emotional directions – as noticeable on its first single “December Moon”.

Check it out on SoundCloud or YouTube!

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