Rangleklods 2015

Rangleklods, an electronic project started by Esben Nørskov Andersen and now consisiting of him and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, released the new single “Lost U”, which announces the succesor of Rangleklods’ great debut album “Beekeeper”.

This information reached us last week and made me excited and… a bit scared, too. How will it be? Did they manage to keep the amazing atmosphere from the first record? Is the new duo formula of the project (instead of Esben as the “leader” and backing vocals from Pernille) working well? I guess there are as many answers to these questions, as there are fans of Rangleklods’ music. I will speak for myself only.

When I started listening to “Lost U” for the first time, I asked myself “Where’s Rangleklods in this song? Maybe they’ve lost “him”?” Female vocals as the leading ones, the very light piano/keyboard skeleton of the track, its weird beginning with voices from a documentary on the UK rave scene from the early 90’s. NOTHING like the songs from the former EP “Home” or the mentioned album “Beekeeper”. That confused me a bit. And then it happened…

Minute 2:58 of “Lost U”, the closing part of it. When I realized that Rangleklods isn’t lost in the new song. It simply appears in a new way, where the two characters – Pernille and Esben – challenge each other to dig deep into themselves. The new Rangleklods is like a phoenix from the ashes – stronger, new, beautiful, ready to spread its wings again. When I got to this conclusion, I couldn’t stop playing “Lost U” over and over again.

Some of you might be disappointed of the new face of Rangleklods. But I would advice you to hold back with your sadness or dislikes. This new material of Esben and Pernille might be something that will really surprise and show the power of freedom in music. When you’re open and not afraid to change the concept of making music, you might create something special. Like “Lost U”.

Listen to the new Rangleklods song on SoundCloud or Spotify and follow the news from the duo on their Facebook page. They already announced a few DK shows with the new material and we are sure there’s more to come!

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