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The year 2014 belonged to her. Her debut album “No Mythologies to Follow” became popular – not only in her homeland. She gained numerous comparisons to artists, who have changed contemporary electronic music. Her alias appeared in a multitude of rankings and charts. , one of the most recognizable Danish vocalists at the moment, ended last year with the brand new song “New Year’s Eve”.

Karen Marie Ørsted took up singing when she was just a normal teenager. Listening to The Smashing Pumpkins or Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the artist created her characteristic, unrepeatable style. Although first tries to struggle for fame were rather unsuccessful, she finally managed to collaborate with the Swedish DJ Avicii, recorded a first single and arranged her first record.

“No Mythologies to Follow” is a complete album. While diving into it, one can notice that MØ isn’t afraid to experiment with different music genres. The fact, that electronic beats along with guitar riffs mix with her sultry, strong voice, proves that this set of songs is appropriate both for a party and for evening reflections.

It was easy to predict that after this intense year (apart from recording she intensely toured nearly all around the globe), MØ will take a long rest before her next work. In that situation, her fresh composition is a really big surprise, which may be greatest music ending of 2014.

“New Year’s Eve” takes everything good from MØ’s style. Her voice, similar to Lana Del Rey’s one here, ideally fits this out of the ordinary, 80’s like background. The climate of this song, which is filled with fuddy-duddy synthesizers and guitar by Rune Isager, sticks in one’s memory for a long time. The young Danish vocalist confirms again, that it is possible to create a song about something as evident as the beginning of a new year in an interesting, off-beat way.

Listen to “New Year’s Eve” on YouTube or download it for free via SoundCloud – and have a great 2015! It will be an exciting one!

Guest Blogger: Stasiu Bryś

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