Artwork by Anna Dormer Volgsten

Artwork by Anna Dormer Volgsten

“Am I good enough for you?” – I guess there was a moment in everybody’s life when we were wondering and asking that question to someone close to our hearts. When such question is asked, we usually know the answer and it’s not a good one for us. The heart is teared apart, the sadness wins over hope.

That sadness and despair can be heard in the new single from Alcoholic Faith Mission. “Orbitor” announces the new album coming from the band on 20. February 2015. The group will then go on tour around Europe, starting with a concert in Copenhagen at PB43. (More details of the other tour dates soon coming on Good because Danish!)

Alcoholic Faith Mission charm their listeners with a mix of acoustic music and indie-pop, permanently proving with their songs that Danes are the masters of transforming melancholy into the music. “Orbitor” is a new great example of that. The lyrics which melt your heart are based on this one, heartbreaking question – “Am I good enough for you?”. And even though the musical background seems more joyful, with the delicate synths, and with the characteristic vocals that are strong, not depressed – you can’t get over the feeling, that “Orbitor” might be one of the saddest songs ever made.

Listen to the new Alcoholic Faith Mission single on Spotify and watch the video to the song premiered on Nothing But Hope And Passion.

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