If you follow Good because Danish, you know that we’re huge fans of VINTERTUR‘s “Project 2014”, which we keep an eye on since January 2014. The Copenhagen-based band decided to release their new album by presenting 1 song each month of this year. Every track came along with a graphic and video clip specially prepared by different artists. In that way the worlds of music and art once again connected in an amazing concept.

Today is the 12. December and the release of VINTERTUR’s 12th and last song of the project. We couldn’t be happier to be the first ones presenting it to you in an exclusive Good because Danish premiere. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a listen to “Secrets”!

VINTERTUR claims: “This one is the most pop we have ever gone” – and we totally don’t mind it! The catchy melody and delicate synth sounds of “Secrets” are like the little marshmallows in your hot chocolate on a cold winter evening – sweet and sooooo good. There is something of Twin Shadow’s gentle charm in “Secrets”, especially in the vocals. A perfect, subtle closure of the whole “Project 2014”.

The 12 songs from the album, released by VINTERTUR throughout this year, have no weak points. I have to say I was a bit skeptical when I heard the first 2 songs sounding a lot like the fellow Danish band Spleen United. But VINTERTUR definitely don’t copy anyone. They have their own style, based somewhere in between Jean Michel Jarre, The Prodigy, the already mentioned Twin Shadow, Depeche Mode, DK’s Spleen United, Berlin techno influences and many, many more…

Their music has character. The strong vibe coming from all the songs – the instrumental ones, the more heavy ones and the gentle ones – all this put together gives us a diverse electronic sound, for those of you who like to be surprised and are not afraid to take your ears on a musical adventure.

Give a listen to VINTERTUR’s last song of “Project 2014” and don’t forget to listen to all other 11 songs. You can read about the whole 12 songs on our blog, watch the 12 great videoson VINTERTUR’s website and check out the 12 great tracks on SoundCloud.

VINTERTUR, Good because Danish cheers for you! Keep up the good work and we’re looking forward to see what you will come up with in 2015!

VINTERTUR’s “Project 2014” on Good because Danish:

1. January song: “Coastal”
2. February song: “Without Cause”
3. March song: “Yeah”
4. April song: “Beaches”
5. May song: “Cured”
6. June song: “Beaches II”
7. July song: “Cathedral”
8. August song: “Awake”
9. September song: “The New”
10. October song: “I Think”
11. Novemver song: “Occasionally”
12. December song: “Secrets”

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