Mother Lewinsky - Some People EP cover

The trio Mother Lewinsky says that their new single “Run and Run”, announcing the upcoming EP “Some People”, “(…) is about taking a break, taking it easy and living life in a slower tempo.” In the world where society forces us from the youngest years of our lives to go faster and faster, we need to stop for a moment from time to time.

We can do that with a little help of music. We can, for example, stop and listen to “Run and Run”. The song holds the same kind of magic as “Some Kind of Fight” – an older release of  Mother Lewinsky. The rawness, achieved by only using strings and the characteristic vocals, makes the song very interesting in one’s perception: you immidiately focus on the voice and lyrics. Which have something quite important to say.

The upcoming EP by Mother Lewinsky (to be released in January 2015) will contain songs recorded only with vocals and a string orchestra. It might be a refreshing listening experience, not hearing the whole band play. On the other hand, such set-up hides the risk of making all songs sound the same and by that – boring. We have to wait to see how the EP will sound like and we can enjoy the promising single “Run and Run” in the meantime.

Find the song (as free download, too!) on Mother Lewinsky’s SoundCloud page.

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