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Yes, it’s officially Christmas time!
And who doesn’t like Christmas? Green trees, Christmas lights, gløgg ;) and good music of course! Because we feel very Christmassy on Good because Danish, we asked the Godfathers of the blog – the guys from Turboweekend – to share five of their favorite Christmas songs with us.

Did you know that Danes have a tradition to dance around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and sing? Some might even sing one or two of Turboweekend’s favorite songs for the Christmas time :) Check their list below and get into the joyful holdiay mood yourself!

The band is currently working in the studio on their fourth album, which will be released sometime next year. So far we got to hear the great first single “Miles And Miles” – now we’re waiting (im)patiently for more… High five, Turbo-guys and best wishes for the upcoming year from the Good because Danish team!

Frank Sinatra – “Winter Wonderland”
Sinatra’s crooning voice is like a warm fireplace crackling away, while the sleigh’s imaginary reindeer pass by in the powder snow outside. That’s Disney Christmas on a platter.

Wham – “Last Christmas”
The ultimate achy-breaky Christmas pop hit. Nostalgic, but full of hope for the new year. Just unavoidable, and a really good pop song.

MC Einar – “Jul det’ cool”
Originally written as a hip hop protest against the crazy Christmas shopping madness, it has now ironically become an essential part of that same shopping soundtrack. But it’s still a good portrait of the craze and a reminder to slow down.

Otto Brandenburg – “Søren Banjomus”
One of Denmark’s old crooners, the Backyard Puma, singing a children’s song about a mouse playing the banjo while waiting for Christmas. Cozy family time for everyone!

Gustav Winkler – “Sikken voldsom trængsel og alarm”
This is one of the more fun songs that we actually sing while dancing around the tree on Christmas Eve (although usually in a more uptempo version). It’s a song about all the many things that go on around town around Christmas. Winkler’s version reminds us of our grandparents’ generation.

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