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Jesper Colfach and co. = the band Colfach released a new album in September. The successor of 2012’s release “In The Valley” is called “The Ocean” and will take you on a cruise to the land of “singer-songwriter pop music” with a touch of acoustic melancholia, a bit of vivid folk attitude and a pinch of Danish sensitivity.

I know that the story ofThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is based in India, so there’s not so much of a Scandinavian atmosphere in the movie (and the book), but I think “The Ocean” could be a great soundtrack to that motion picture. There is so much peace, so many songs that make you look inside yourself to find yourself, so many colours and emotions… the variety of experiences while listening to Colfach’s new album is very wide.

Sometimes it feels like being on some kind of old-fashioned dancing party, where the “dance leader” announces the last song and a singer dressed like Elvis entertains the last guests (“Please Walk With Me”). Another time it’s more like a morning walk in a deep forest, admiring the beauty of nature (“Reach For Higher Ground”). In “Will It Fade Away” I can almost see the scenery of foggy Aarhus (from where the band comes) at dawn before my own eyes, with rain coming from the sky and empty streets under the river…

I could go on like that with every song from “The Ocean” and depending on my mood, the pictures created by different songs would change. That is a great advantage of Colfach’s album: It’s very artistic and flexible. It adjusts to the listener and his/her current mood. Like a good old sweater that we wear on long autumn evenings.

Give “The Ocean” a listen on Spotify or on Colfach’s Bandcamp page and buy it via iTunes.

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