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Good because Danish’s befriended website from Poland – musicNOW – got a chance to chat with Kristian Finne Kristensen, better known as Chorus Grant, about the songs from his debut album “Space”.

You can read the Polish version of the interview on musicNOW and here on Good because Danish you can find the English translation of the stories behind the great single “O Everyone” and the tracks “Godplans” and “Taxi Off The Password”. Get into the mind of Chorus Grant – it’s a magical land, we promise you that:

“O Everyone” is the first song to drop from “Space” and has been picked up by New York tumblr blog The song has a certain valium-like feel to it and is a good representation of the overall feel of the album. The dark lyrical subject matters float on a musical summer breeze and provide the contrasts that are the cornerstones in Chorus Grant. Being the opener on the album we move into the song and the collection of songs as a whole – a bit like approaching an animal you don’t know and that doesn’t know you. First you gently put out your hand, then as soon as your fingers move, the animal pulls back – shot by a tranquilizer gun. Production-wise the original soundtrack to the film “The Virgin Suicides” has been an inspiration – however, where Air is electronically founded, Chorus Grant is entirely organic and played by hand.

I was in the midst of writing songs about experiences from travels – or perhaps more accurately, a number of songs that contemplated what “traveling” as a whole is. “Who am I while I’m away?” versus “Who am I at home?”. “Godplans” is one of the songs about travels and deals with the foreign and unknown. A landscape of skyscrapers, neon signs and colored taxi queues. The great uncertainty and snippets of something that could have been. Time forever racing away without respite.

All of a sudden and out of the blue, very unexpectedly and shocking, a person very close to me lost someone who that person loved very much. The urge to travel and see the world with energy, love and wanderlust was replaced by a kind of vegetation. The emptiness and pain just left over the need to simply survive in this situation. “Taxi Off The Password” deals with this loss, sorrow and change. As time passed, the energy and will to live returned again. In some sense my songs are about the moments where you feel you’re living life to the fullest, but also those in which we experience great loss, and where time seems to stand still, because we were thrown off the carousel of life we used to know.

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