VINTERTUR - Occasionally

Artwork by August Bonnesen

If you follow Good because Danish, you know we’ve been informing you about VINTERTUR‘s “Project 2014” before. 10 times before, to be exact. The band came up with the idea of releasing an album in a one-song-per-month system and we are enjoying new tracks along with a graphic and video clip, every month since January.

The November composition is called “Occasionally” and the artists behind the artwork and video are photographer August Bonnesen and video director Faust. “Occasionally” makes me feel a bit sad… because I realized it’s just 1 song left to the end of “Project 2014”, which so far brough us 11 strong, solid, attractive songs with a touch of VINTERTUR’s characteristic raw electro vibe.

There is a touch of Kraftwerk in the beginning of VINTERTUR’s 11th single. The industrial electo sound that coughs you up in the world of synth waves. The roughness is softened by the sound of a piano, coming out of nowhere in the middle of the song. This time there are no vocals in the song, so the piano takes over that part in a way. In “Occasionally” the chillwave atmosphere is perfectly mixed with Berlin-electro waves. Contradictions put together in a whole. I like it!

When you’ll play “Occasionally” for the first time, I can guarantee that you won’t be able to tell what “hit you”, when you’ll wake up at the end of the song with a feeling of complete satisfaction. Try it!

You can find VINTERTUR’s 11th song from “Project 2014” on YouTube.

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