Stefan Mork - Songs Of Hope

There are 2 reasons for not knowing what to write about an album: either it’s just not what I like or there’s something special in the music that leaves me speechless. In case of Stefan Mørk‘s record “Songs of Hope” it’s the second (better) option.

Ok, so what’s so special about this album, that you can’t write a decent sentence about it? – you may ask. Well, I tell you… or not! That’s the problem! I can’t name that special thing that makes “Songs of Hope” a record that I come back to.

It’s definitely a perfect autumn album. The acoustic sounds, soothing vocals, melodies that are like gentle lullabies. But that’s not it. There’s more to it to make it special. Maybe it’s the simplicity. This magical simplicity of acoustic, singer-songwriter music. No glamour, no chic, pure music – in a way. Or maybe the whole charm of Stefan Mørk’s album is the nostalgia, coming back to the good old roots of music. Some songs are like listening to the Danish (and waaay younger, sorry gentlemen!) version of Leonard Cohen or Joe Cocker’s live band accompanying Stefan Mørk, whose voice fits all the music styles presented on his record: either it’s a simple acoustic song like the touching single “Why Angels Fly”, a more vivid composition with a little saxophone (“Goodbye Mable Leaves”) or a more melancholic “Leave Me Only Silence”. There are echoes of The Beatles and Elvis Presley vibes, too.

I’ve listened to “Songs of Hope” quite a few times now and I still keep on finding new references and surprises on it. Also, I still can’t really write a sentence about this record, which would completely describe why I like it. I know my parents would like it. Maybe that’s the special thing – the ability to unite people of different ages around good music. Anyway, without tormenting you more with my writer-struggles, I just leave you with the music.

Give Stefan Mørk’s “Songs of Hope” album a listen on Spotify or buy it via iTunes.

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