For this year’s Spil Dansk Dagen, Good because Danish teamed up with a bunch of young artists and prepared a little series with beautiful songs in Danish, including some translated lyrics and the background of their stories. To wrap up this small row of posts in an appropriate way, we finally want to share a rather new personal discovery on the Danish (singing) music scene: Odense quartet TÅRN, currently based in Copenhagen, where they also filmed the great live-version of their song “Solskin Over Tage” (engl. “Sunshine Across Rooftops”) at Black Tornado Studio.

Even though the band is currently busy recording and finishing off their debut album (which is on its way soon!), we were lucky, that singer and bassist Asger Nordtorp Pedersen found the time to tell us a little something about “Solskin Over Tage”. Check out below what story lies behind the song!

There’s nothing left to do, there’s nothing left to say.
I’ve been left hanging. I think you make me happy.

There is no way back and no road ahead.
You are sunshine across rooftops.
I’ve got to get you back.

It’s clear to me whenever you say goodbye.
you don’t want to come back.
Even though you could have me all to yourself
you don’t ever want to come back.

“Solskin Over Tage”, or “Sunshine Across Rooftops” in Danish can also refer to the sun shining on a guy called Tage. People often ask us, “who is this guy – Tage – whom the sun always shines upon?”

It’s pretty much a love song for a one-night-stand who don’t wanna see you again, and that’s a situation that I’ve been in a couple of times. It’s also a bit funny – and characteristic for this group – that the original idea to the song came from me, but Erik is the lead singer on this track and it ended up with him writing the melody for the chorus. And that’s how we support and complement each other.

Until the release of new stuff, have a look onto TÅRN’s YouTube channel, where you not only find “Solskin Over Tage” but two more songs of the band – another live-version of “Glemt I Kulissen” and a music video to “Hvis Du Vil Ha’ Mig”. Make also sure to give TÅRN your Like on Facebook to keep updated about upcoming news and concert dates. We recommend to definitely keep an eye out on these four talented guys!

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