photo by Lena Zagrodzka

Photo by Lena Zagrodzka

It’s always an extreme pleasure to experience a Danish concert in my own city – Poznań (PL). When I don’t have to travel hundreds of kilometers to see a favorite band and when I can feel proud that my own city has such a great, respectful audience. But it also always creates additional hopes, if the band comes here. They have to be super good. So, while walking to the show of Sleep Party People at Pod Minogą in Poznań on 25. November 2014, I was full of excitement, hopes, expectations and… worries. How will it go?

I’ll answer you right away: it went GREAT. From the very first to the very last sound, Sleep Party People charmed the audience and took us all to another dimension.

Sleep Party People entered the stage a few minutes after 20:30 and took us on an over 1 hour long journey to their world of a bit twisted, a bit weird and blurry sounds. However, if you were expecting a delicate, dreamy atmosphere, you got surprised. I’ve never seen the band live before, so I thought that it will be like a sleepy, a somewhat lazy sound-universe, what they will show us. It was like that sometimes, but the band also showed a more raw, kind of post-rock nostalgic face. With a lot of long instrumental parts during the concert, with the wall of sounds coming our way from the stage, you could get completely lost in time and space.

Nothing disappointed me on the Tuesday night at Pod Minogą. The sound was great, the Poznań audience focused and hungry for good music, which they appreciated with almost no talking during the show and the amazing moments of total silence after the end of the songs, these few seconds when people let the last sounds get quiet before they started to applause. I felt proud of being a part of such a respectful audience.

It seemed like the band appreciated it as well. And created a very hermetic, intimate atmosphere by not really talking from the stage, just playing the songs. The obligatory white rabbit masks were on, so you couldn’t tell who’s who in the band. I realized how different a concert experience can get, when you can’t focus on the faces of the artists. You can only listen to the music, so you pay more attention to it in a way. When the masks came down after the show, you could witness smiling faces on stage and faces in the audience looking …a bit lost. Nobody could really believe it was over, like we were all dreaming and then suddenly awoken to go back to the real world.

The music of Sleep Party People is hard to describe. As it’s hard to describe all the emotions going on inside you, when you hear it live. You can find a glimpse of the concert atmosphere when watching the short movie clips from their concert in Poznań on our YouTube channel: An amazing post-rock influenced instrumental piece and a song from SPP’s latest album “Floating” “In Another World”.

Thanks to Lena Zagrodzka you can also check some lovely photos from the evening below (more photos are also available on the Polish Facebook page Dobre, bo duńskie).

Now, after the Danish autumn Poland is waiting for a Danish spring with some new concerts next year – fingers crossed for that!

Photos by Lena Zagrodzka (13) and Arletta Przynoga (5)

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