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What’s up with Danes and the “western movie vibes” inspiration? I have no idea, but I like the combination whenever I hear it. The characteristic whiny guitar, the scratchy drums, the atmosphere of laziness combined with the feeling of waiting for something. All of this and more you can find on the debut album of young artist Camilla Wurtz Bredahl, performing under the name Rowbird.

The album simply called “Rowbird” was released on Monday, 3. November 2014 by Target Records and it shows that youth can be easily combined with an amazing wisdom and melancholia of the old age. Rowbird’s songs are full of sadness and calmness. The deep, amazingly mature vocals saturate the music with a special charm. While listening to songs from “Rowbird” your heart is being teared apart, but with such grace that you can’t make it stop.

The key to “feel” this record is – in my opinion – to understand the despair coming from the guitar sounds. That despair becomes our guide through the music of Rowbird. The further we go, the calmer we get, we accept our fate, we stop fighting against the odds.

Rowbird’s debut album is somehow very Scandinavian in its American vibe inspiration. The music is filled with sadness and it makes you wait for something to come from all the thinking, wondering and remembering, that is locked in the songs.

The perfect sum up of it all is the closing track – “What A Wonderful World”a cover of the Louis Armstrong’s classic performed by Rowbird and Kira Skov. This joyful, touching composition is brought to the ground by the two Danes. As if they were trying to tell us: the beauty of the world is not always joy and smiles. The pain, sadness, grayness and melancholy can be wonderful things, too. And they definitely are on Rowbird’s debut album.

You can stream “Rowbird” on Spotify and buy it via iTunes. If you’re in Copenhagen today, 5. November 2014, don’t miss Rowbird’s release party at Huset-KBH (details in the FB event HERE). If you’re not in Copenhagen, the wonderful Rowbird will take over our Instagram @goodbecausedanish to share her impressions from that very special day and night!

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