VampireBlow-GimmeSomeWe have a special treat for you today, to sweeten up your Monday! The exclusive Good because Danish premiere of the video to “Gimme Some” by the crazy rock’n’rollers from Vampire Blow!

Thomas Persson, Jasper Spannings and Morten Søgaards are the faces behind this genius musical project called Vampire Blow and they personally describe their music as energetic garage punk with a humorous rock’n’roll attitude – I totally agree with them!

They are bringing back the good old times by emphasizing the charm of the 70’s, a really classical appearance (guitar, bass, drum) and showing a full bag of experience. These guys are still part of Denmark’s music business after already playing at SPOT Festival and with another well-known band called Seabear.

But anyway, some words to their present work:

The vocal parts of their new track “Gimme Some” is pretty rough and dominated by their driving, handmade rock music. This was more surprising after seeing the official video of “Gimme Some”, which can be described as homage to the era of TRON spiced up with the touch of Back To The Future. Here we are facing the expertise of band member Jasper, who already earned some credits as music video director in the past.

It is totally entertaining to watch almost 3 1/2 minutes full of weird sequences and wondering about the meaning of aggressive, laser-shooting unicorns and futuristic sexual allusions à la Sigmund Freud.

So, what are Vampire Blow saying about their music and the video clip to “Gimme Some” themselves? Read it below!

Do you have a main theme in all your lyrics or at least a common topic?

Vampire Blow: The short answer is no – we don’t. However I guess there are some similarities in the way we write lyrics. We try avoiding a metaphorical language and instead writing our lyrics as momentary descriptions from our personal lives that has affected us somehow. Sometimes these descriptions are broken into tiny pieces and put together in a collage as in “Gimme Some”. Its maybe hard for a listener to get the exact meaning of the song, when writing lyrics this way, but that doesn’t really matter to us. Hopefully someone listening to a song like this can put his or her own stories and themes into the lyrics.

Where do you get the inspiration for these amazing videos of yours? Maybe from TV shows from your childhood?

Yes – TV. All kinds of bad TV actually and you know what? Most TV is bad, so it’s not hard to find inspiration. We have sort of an ambivalent relation to TV and entertainment, because even though we acknowledge it being bad – we at the same really love it.

You also ask about if our childhood is a source of inspiration. I guess that is also true – we definitely have some kind of nostalgia that is a big part of our inspiration. At the same time I don’t think we only look backwards in our inspirations in both our videos but also our music – We are inspired by a lot of new stuff as well. We definitely owe “Tim and Eric Awesome Great Job” a big man-hug for being an eternal source of inspiration when it comes to making videos. If you haven’t seen these guys yet, you should check them out!

Do you prefer to be a part of the video or avoiding your presence in it, like in “Gimme Some”?

Actually we are present in the video. We are the three space-ranger musketeers riding the car. So even though we are animated we are still present in the universe of the video.

However, I don’t know if we can answer this question in general. It’s really up to the unique idea of a music video and whether our presence is supporting the video or not. You see many bands that categorically make themselves the lead characters in their videos, which is something we have chosen not to. What matters most to us is that our videos become something great in itself. If our presence supports this goal we are in it and vice versa.

And then again. Now I make it sound like we are really reflected about this, but this is only because you ask. In practice our way of working is really playful and improvisation plays a huge part in the way we work both with our music and videos. Maybe we have developed some kind of really intelligent shared sub-consciousness over the years, that makes a pattern in the way we choose about these things – but in practice it’s not something we discuss a lot.

Do you use the video clips for entertainment, to underline the lyrics or both?

I think you can’t make that distinction. Not to sound too hippie about it but… “Its aaaall connected dude!” The lyrics, the music and the videos when put together become something new that is not meant to be looked at separately. This is not to sound pretentious, because we know what you are asking and of course there is entertainment to it – This is a video meant for YouTube! Still, our starting point is always to try and make lyrics, music and video as part of a greater whole – this doesn’t mean that the video has to present a narrative from the lyrics or anything like that, it just means that the music and video goes hand in hand.

You can watch the official video of “Gimme Some” on YouTube and should check out the band’s website as well, if you want more visual eye candies! I want them to gimme some more for sure!

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