Mes Reves - Immortality

4 years after their actual formation, Mes Rêves are back with a new formation, a new sound and a full bag of stories to tell!

Christian Jacobsen, Anders Andersen and Djarn Kargin present a really groovy sound in their recent track called “Immortality” and prove the compatibility of jazz and philosophic questions of our time.

Some of you should know Djarn Kargin as part of Mount Rushmore Safari or as one of the members of Men of Polaroids, who recently came up with their debut album “Following the Sun” and will be surprised by his diversity musical influences.

The video to “Immortality” is working with a loose compilation of TV commercial spots from different decades, which all deal with the importance of beauty and perfectionism. Although the music is quite entertaining, the video can be seen as a critical parody of this way of life. Especially the fact that the range of spots includes black/white and more contemporary examples emphasizes the omnipresence of this issue and also explains the immortality of this phenomena!

The significance of good-looking appearance is visualized in almost every aspect of daily life – if you want to be successful, you have to look successful – hair, teeth, skin, clothing are just some aspects. The example of TV commercials is quite perfect to condense this message in their 4 minute video.

You can watch the official video for “Immortality” on YouTube and check out the Facebook profile of Mes Rêves.

According to their latest post some new stuff is coming soon!

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