Lucy Love - Pitstop Kolding 06.11.2014

As you already know, I’m going to a concert of a Danish act almost each Thursday and I’ve fostered this tradition last week as well. This time I had the pleasure to witness the incredible live performance of Lucy Love – one of the few female and single artists in Danish music industry – at Kolding’s #1 address for concerts Pitstop.

If you don’t believe me that she’s incredible, just take a look at my shitty picture above. I’ve tried several times to catch her on camera, but during her 60 minutes performance she rarely stopped her furious and intoxicating dancing moves (or her mouth, while she was rapping like a machine gun). I liked her positive attitude to entertain the cheering audience with her great variety of songs and her weird outfit (a combination of red-coloured, crazy priest with colourful sport shoes and a sweaty towel) – but furthermore to make the performance remarkable for her and the rest of her colour-matched band.

Lucy Love definitely managed to combine their awesome dancing skills and the energy of her music, which involves a massive amount of different elements like alternative, electro, grime, dubstep and some 90’s feeling, too (but in a good way, don’t worry!).

So the results of this evening were a satisfied crowd, a very friendly Lucy Love, who took much time after the concert for some nice chats with her fans – well, and the certainty a towel on a concert is always a good thing!

If you didn’t get the chance to go to one of the concerts of Lucy’s Autumn Tour, check out her amazing videos on YouTube instead!

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