Our new author – Elvira – invites you to daydream with JÆRV.

Daydream /ˈdeɪˌdriːm/ (noun)- a pleasant dreamlike fantasy indulged in while awake”

JÆRV is one of the emerging projects in the Danish music scene, but the voice behind it may already be known to you as the vocalist’s from Aarhus-based The Polar Shift. JÆRV’s debut single “I Staver” came out little more than a month ago as the start of Amanda Glinvad’s solo project.

As soon as you press play you are submerged into a world of pownding beats and shimmering Danish vocals. It is the world of electro pop and you are never sure where it might lead you. The native Danish is adding a more intimate yet mysterious feeling to the music (at least for us not so very fluent in the language). Obviously, my curiosity needed to reach out for a little help translating the mystery.

To fall “I Staver” can mean: to fall into your own thoughts, getting distracted or not being present in what is happening around you. It is to fall into a daydream, more or less. Isn’t that what we often persue with music? To create a world apart from the one we live in, maybe to distract or even take over our thoughts – a pleasant “dreamlike fantasy indulged in while awake”.

But no matter what state of mind – you should pay attention, have a listen and make sure to remember JÆRV.

Stream “I Staver” on the artist’s SoundCloud page and give JÆRV a like on Facebook!

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