Ja Ja Ja Berlin - November 2014 - Elvira

Not only the Scandinavian inhabitants are in a steady pace immigrating to the capital of beer and Bratwurst. To accompany the pilgrims and spread the sweet sound of Scandinavia, Ja Ja Ja Music came along to Berlin to delight native Berliners and fellow Scandinavians.

Once again made Good because Danish (in this case represented by our lovely new author Elvira) a visit to the beautifully located Berlin arena FluxBau for some sweet Nordic music. Ja Ja Ja Berlin is now on its second round, and for the November edition they gathered some of Scandinavia’s finest.

FluxBau is the perfect venue for this intimate encounter. Not only does it feel like you’re being welcomed home to your friend’s house party, the friend also happens to have one of Berlin’s most stunning views and a basement where good music is intended to be performed. The night started with gorgeous Adna (SE) performing us her melancholy and dreamlike tunes which almost felt like being dragged into the woods of a fairy tale. The evening ended with Team Me (NO), who snapped me out of my melancholy haze, swept me of the floor and, with a musical energy shot, put a perfect end to the evening. But it sure was something in between those two acts worth mentioning.

My expectations were high, like, remember-to-bring-tissues-for-possible-emotional-breakdown kind of high (yet I do not feel as comfortable with public weeping as most Berliners are with public urination). The duo Cancer (DK), consisting of Kristian Finne Kristensen & Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild went up on stage and started to play.

Their sound is really something special. It’s secretive and honest, fragile but strong. The music makes me want to climb a dangerously high mountain but still make sure to wear warm cotton socks while doing so. Their music is like the cold November morning that so rarely reminds you of first signs of spring. Not only is the music of Cancer a world of its own, also the musicians’ presence, honesty and dedication to their music makes it hard not to adore.

Cancer only had 30 minutes on stage, but as they accurately stated themselves: “Time flies when you’re having fun”.

Photos by Elvira Glänte

We’re already looking forward to the next Ja Ja Ja Berlin event – this time it will take place on 11. December 2014 at FluxBau as some kind of special Christmas show with Truls (NO), Noah Kin (FI) and Danish gem Sekuoia! We advice you to get your ticket right NOW, since the earlier shows  were sold out almost right away.

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