Voice can be a powerful form of communication. It carries the deepest emotions. Makes lyrics audible. The international music project IKI knows about it. The group consists of eight female vocalists from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. On 10. November 2014 they released their second album entitled “Lava”.

The whole thing was recorded on Iceland. But if you expect it to sound like another Sigur Rós, Björk or Ásgeir you may feel disappointed and surely surprised. Somehow, it can even be confusing.

The record revolves around the contrasts between mechanical and organic soundscapes. It is a unique form of expression as the main instruments are the girls’ vocals. In most compositions it’s actually even hard to hear anything else. Group members imitate sounds and in this way they build the whole melody. Only the subtle guitar riffs enrich the album’s climate and add effects that couldn’t be achieved with the voice.

Listening to the record, it’s hard to avoid the impression that the members reveal some wildness from their hearts and souls. The sounds they create with their voices seem to build some tribal cheers – what makes it sound more like African than Icelandic. There’s more mystery than cold and gloom. But there’s nothing wrong with it. It makes “Lava” interesting and exciting.

It’s hard to imagine that the whole album could play the role of a daily soundtrack. It’s rather not the material that one could listen to for hours. Unless you pick just a few more melodious tracks like “Lava Child”, “Ellikvæði” or “I Built My House Around You” which sound more classic.

“Lava” seems to be very raw. There’s a lot of natural feel in the compositions. Some kind of primordiality. It’s the album which earns the interest and which will sound great live. If you’re in Copenhagen on 5. December 2014, you can find out about it yourself during the concert of IKI & Den Fjerde Væg at Musikcaféen (details: HERE).

Find the album “Lava” on Spotify, WiMP or buy the digital version of it via iTunes.

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