Ice Cream Cathedral - Sudden Anatomy ALBUM

After presenting their latest signal of life and their wonderful collaboration with Sekuoia just a couple of days ago, we take it for granted to catch up on Ice Cream Cathedral’s “Sudden Anatomy”, the second album of the Danish space-pop trio from 2014. Even though they just started 3 years ago with making their extraordinary and self-titled kind of music, Ice Cream Cathedral definitely managed to create a high-quality, compact album and a worthy follower of their 2013 debut album “The Drowsy Kingdom”.

“Sudden Anatomy” offers 10 tracks, which pretty much exceed the length of a usual song nowadays. By this, it allows us to dive into their space-pop Universe and to be taken in all the different stages of emotions – this is plainly audible when it comes to the created moods of the songs. The soothing, tranquilizing voice of front singer Anja is permanent contradicted by more hectic, anxious and spherical sounds delivered by other band members Kristian and Anders. But even when these opposites attract each other, the general leitmotif of “Sudden Anatomy” runs like a common thread through the album and creates a flowing atmosphere.

In my humble opinion, “Sudden Anatomy” is undoubtedly a well-made record with the ambitions to attract further collaborations with other artists in the near future. Ice Cream Cathedral luckily refined their unique sound and invite their listeners to enjoy their great songs like “The Swans” and “The Spine Of Lisa Ben” as a compensation to the stressful daily routine.

You can listen to “Sudden Anatomy” on Spotify, discover the band on Soundcloud and of course check out their amazing videos on YouTube!

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