October 2014, Copenhagen, Black Tornado Studios – here we are watching 2 of Denmark’s latest newcomers Ice Cream Cathedral and Sekuoia teaming up for a wonderful live session. Although both presenting individual performances for the well-known “Here Today” series as well, electronic artist Sekuioa decided to support space-pop trio Anja, Kristian and Anders from Ice Cream Cathedral performing their song “Amber Sail” from the debut album “The Drowsy Kingdom”.

In contrast to their flamboyant and odd video to “The Swans” Ice Cream Cathedral presenting a quite modest performance this time. Front singer Anja’s dreamy voice is contradicted by a strain-increasing drum part and emphasized by the balanced efforts of spherical sounds – contributed by Sekuoia’s originator Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen who stays more in the background of this video.

Live sessions are always classical win-win situations for both artists and fans. Fans can convince themselves of the musicians’ skills regarding their live performances and their ability to play a great variety of instruments as well. In this case, we can observe a great range from drums, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, windbells and in addition to that a very back-to-earth-like location with wooden elements in the rehearsal studio and plain, black-dominated appearance of both acts.
THIS is definitely the major benefit for them: get in touch with like-minded friends, get creative input and simply having fun!

You can check out their collaboration and individual performances on YouTube and the Here Today website.

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