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What an exciting journey the young guys from dream pop quartet Quick Quick Obey got onto after the release of their atmospheric debut album “Bulb Days” earlier this year! Following a strong, convincing performance at SPOT Festival (a gig that German RollingStone listed among their best Nordic discoveries after the festival), their catchy band name popped up on several festival line-ups all over summer – not only in Denmark but also in neighbouring country Sweden. Since we’ve been able to witness a number of said appearances, the four-piece turned into one of Good because Danish’s personal new favourites of the past year.

Leading up to their final headliner concert of the fall season at Copenhagen’s Ideal Bar on Saturday, 8. November 2014 (check the Facebook-Event HERE), we made Quick Quick Obey take a trip back to where the last stage of their journey started and asked them to share five songs, albums or other sources that inspired the making of “Bulb Days”. Check their list below!

High five, boys!

Flaming Lips – Blastula Documentary
Making an album isolated inside a house like we did and not in a proper studio was part of the “let’s-just-be-boys-in-our-own-playground”-concept that shaped the album. The Flaming Lips made their epic, weird, experimental super-length album “Embryonic” in a house too, and they made this documentary letting people in on the process, and it’s really cool and inspiring!

Hans Joachim Roedelius – “Geschenk des Augenblicks”
Mikkel brought this vacuum-state, classical, fade-in/fade-out album to the band during the recording period. It really suited the atmosphere at Foxhole Estate, like an anthem that would set the creative mood when we entered the house.

Band of Brothers – “Theme”
We spend intense hours tightly squeezed together in front of a tiny screen, watching Dick Winters and all the other heroes of ‘murica struggle for freedom and friendship!! The world is a battlefield, the Foxhole was our safe house.

4 Guys From The Future – “Life Is Up To You”
“Under the New Morning Sun” was one of the first albums that all four of us agreed to like. We had it in our heads for a long time – it’s a great record!

Mew – “Hawaii”
This is one of the bands that we all grew up with and still love. A lot of the sounds and the individual instruments are amazing on this record, and the contrast of the soundscape was a thing we quickly felt was a part of the musical DNA of our band.

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