In February 2014, Danish indie-rock legends Efterklang got together with conductor Hans Ek, the South Denmark Philharmonic and the South Denmark Girls Choir at the Alsion Concert Hall in Sønderborg for a concert of outstanding kind.

Now you’ve got the chance to be part of this performance, since Vincent Moon – a well-known music video director – came up with a 55-minutes video about the evening.

“The Last Concert” is captivating not only due to the classical atmosphere and decent, dimmed light effects, but even more due to the diversity of artists and instruments on stage.

The music of Efterklang was always tremendous without being exaggerated. But in “The Last Concert”, band members Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg are successfully showing the beauty and various facets of their songs with the active support by orchestra and girls’ choir.

Vincent Moon is taking us on a journey from the very beginning of the concert, where we can feel the “calm before the storm” visualized by fantastic landscape sequences and the warm-up of Efterklang and all other artists. In addition to that we can observe the concert hall becoming a giant playground with individual performances of the artists for the audience in the foyer.

The focus of “The Last Concert” is not only on the guys from Efterklang, but it also emphasizes the significant role and talent of the string ensemble, trumpeters and other parts of the orchestra with changing close-ups and static camera moving.

Especially the orchestra enables the constant interplay of loud and silent tones and resulting mood changes without drowning Efterklang‘s distinctive dominance of bells and Mads’ moony, light-footed voice.

“The Last Concert” presents a high level and a great variety of older and new material, which Efterklang recorded in the last 13 years of their career. It’s great to listen to such timeless classics like “Mirador” and “Modern Drift” in a new surrounding and see the magic of Efterklang by mixing up with new musical influences like Daniel Givens.

You can watch the whole (but not last) concert on YouTube and get into the right mood for Christmas choirs and dreamy music!

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