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We at Good because Danish love music made in Denmark. This shouldn’t be any big surprise. But we still get extremely thrilled seeing other blogs featuring more and more Danish music in their content! So, you can only imagine our excitement when discovering the great German music blog and radio show Soundkartell, run by Niklas Kolell, who in his own words has a “a kind of foible for Danish music”. Since birds of a feather flock together, we are more than happy that Niklas agreed on a little collaboration with us, which allows us to share the translation of his review for Cancer’s “Ragazzi” (find the original post in German HERE) on Good because Danish today:

It is probably one of the most innovative and experimental albums of the year. “Ragazzi” by duo Cancer, released on 29. September 2014. We have rarely listened to such a great record.

When was the last time you heard music that was innovative? Music by an artist or a band, which you really haven’t heard like that before? If we are being honest: This is quite a long time ago. It doesn’t happen often that a band dedicates itself in such captivating manner to such a sprawling, beautifully intricate sound as Cancer.

This being said, you’d almost think this was about a project that enjoys the musicians’ whole focus. Far from it! Cancer, that is musician Chorus Grant – whose real name is Kristian Finne Kristensen – and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, frontman of the band When Saints Go Machine. Both have actually already enough things to do. Especially Chorus Grant who recently released his first own and, apart from that, fantastic album.

Well, “Ragazzi” only consists of six tracks and is only announced as mini-album. But yet, we couldn’t think that this is coming from a short-term project. Because within those six tracks, two worlds collide which equally, wonderfully complement each other, despite how differently they might sound. They experiment miraculously as in “FKA IP” or “Same Color As Digital Photography”. There we can hear the souly vocals of When Saints Go Machine’s singer that possess an incredible high recognition factor.

And then there’s also the warm voice of Chorus Grant, who slips his familiar boundless and playful guitar melodies in as well. As unusual as this all might sound, as usual is the setting with guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers after all. Even more surprising then that the result sounds like a product coming from another time. It is soaked with incredibly intelligent songwriting and an urge to go new ways.

„Body On The Bones“ has its surprising moments, too. It jumps from one corner to the next and unfolds itself through its spherical sounds like a painting within the whole room. Maybe it will be left at that one mini-album. Somehow that’d be much to be hoped for, since these six tracks embrace such an incredible charisma which can probably only once get pressed onto a record.

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