The 10th song from VINTERTUR‘s “Project 2014” is here
and oh man! It’s a good one, guys, it really is a good one!

“The conceptual idea behind the album is to release one single each month in 2014 with accompanying artwork and video by selected artists – i.e. 12 singles, 12 artists and 12 video directors. The vision behind the concept is to break down the traditional norms when releasing albums and to establish a cooperation between different forms of creative fields.” – say VINTERTUR about “Project 2014”.

The 10th composition from it – “I Think” – is an instrumental, repetitive, alluring and dark track, as the band describe it. They are 100% right (why wouldn’t they be, it’s there song after all)! The agressive vibe behind “I Think” creates a tense atmosphere of rush or danger. The group turned to heavy electronic music, the beat and synths are a soft version (like, really a soft version) of what we could hear at The Prodigy albums.

The video clip, made by Rachel Elizabeth Sitanala reminds of a horror movie, which gives “I Think” an additional taste of danger and fear.

We are almost at the end of VINTERTUR‘s “Project 2014”, just 2 more songs will be released. So far, the band gets 10/12 points from Good because Danish for their music. Let’s see if they will manage to score the 12/12 in the end of the year! I think, it might happen…

Listen to “I Think” on SoundCloud or Spotify and watch the video clip on YouTube.

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